GHMC Swachh Bharat Internship

GHMC Offers first time internship to students and working professionals in Hyderabad. In line with the ongoing Swatch Bharat program, this program aims to give a realistic exposure to the participants, to bring in new ideas and energy in GHMC.

The program aims to develop the skill and orientation of youth and provide them an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the Swachhata Revolution of Hyderabad. GHMC believes that involving more citizens & youth will bring in more citizen participation in the goal of making a SWACHH HYDERABAD
Events for Internship

The program is divided into two batches. Participant can take part in either of the batch (1st batch or 2nd batch) which covers 50 hours each or both the batches covering 100 hours.

1st Batch – 5 hours every Saturday for 10 weeks (Total 50 Hours)
2. 2nd Batch – 5 hours every Sunday for 10 weeks (Total 50 Hours)
3. 3rd Batch – 10 hours every week (Saturday & Sunday, totalling to 100 hours)

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The Last date for receiving the applications online would be 26th June, 2018.