Kashi Bugga Temple, Kishan Bagh

The temple was built in 1822 by Shri Raghav Ram Ji. Right now Shri Raghav Ram Ji family members are taking care of the temple as founding members.

The temple has been situated beside the Musi river in Kishan Bagh and is just 2.4 KMs from pillar no:143 in Attapur.

The Shiva Linga in the temple is placed below the ground level and there is a continuous flow of water through the Shiva lingam in the temple which is called Nitya Jalabishekamu. There is a small hole near the Shiva lingam from which the water will flow continuously through the Shiva lingam and exit into the Musi river beside it. To date, there is no clue of how and from where the water is coming.

Also, it is the belief by the devotees that the water that comes through the Shiva lingam has enormous medical value and cures a lot of diseases.

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