Cameras installed for trapping leopard in Rajendranagar

Forest officials have set up about 20 trap cameras near the cattle shed on a farm in Rajendranagar where a cow was attacked, reportedly by a leopard.

Forest officials from Ranga Reddy district examined the spots where the big cat was claimed to have been sighted and are checking for traces including pug marks. They are also verifying footage from surveillance cameras in the surroundings. Based on the outcome, officials are planning to set up at least three traps to catch the unidentified intruder.

In the wee hours of Monday, the wild animal is said to have attacked the cow in the shed near the Indian Institute of Rice Research (ICAR), which had a few more cows and calves. The animal fled the spot immediately after dogs guarding the shed began barking. Locals said the big cat had allegedly earlier killed three calves on the same farm.

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