NO COVID Positive Cases In Janapriya Utopia

A Fake News is circulating in WhatsApp that there are four new COVID positive case in Janapriya Utopia. Few videos and images circulating in WhatsApp regarding the same. The news is a fake one as I personally stay in Janapriya Utopia, contacted several associations, security people, and came to know that there are no cases reported so far in the apartment.

Original News: A migrant laborer from Bihar, who is working near Bapughat area is on a walk passing through Janapriya Utopia, stopped by at the footpath near the main entrance of Janapriya Utopia due to severe restlessness. The nearby people identified him and called for 108 and police. As per the protocol, the ambulance people have asked the person to wear hand gloves and mask before entering in the Ambulance. The person immediately shifted to Osmania Hospital. We don’t have any further information about the same.