Sunday Market – Santha/Haat Bazaar

Most of the people’s born before 80’s are well aware of weekly markets held in villages. They are called as “Santha” in Telugu and “Haat Bazaar” in Hindi. Santha/Haat Bazaar is a typical kind of marketplace where lots of Vegetable, Fruits, Groceries, Clothing, Eatery vendors assemble at one place and conduct sales. There were no supermarkets or malls available at that time and people used to purchase the weekly required food items and others in the Santha/Haat Bazaar’s. The organizers conduct Santha’s in different villages on different days.


Good to see the concept of the “Back to the basics” slowly coming back in this mechanical life (From last 5 ~ 6 years, these Santha/Haat Bazaars are back in the city and organizers conducting them at various places on each day of the week.

If you want to see and explore this Santha/Haat Bazaars near Attapur, we recommend to visit the Sunday Market, which will be organized across the compound wall of Janapriya Utopia, Hyderguda from evening 4pm to 10pm.

Similar kind of Bazaars are conducting at various places of Attapur and Rajender Nagar on other days of the week. We request the visitors to kindly share that information, if they have any.

Happy Sunday..