The Neglected Ancient Monument “Mushk Mahal” 🏯

‘Mushk Mahal’ at Atapur named after Khaja Mushk an Eunuch of Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah VII. Neglected for years, this palace today lies in a dilapidated condition and has become a den for alcoholics. Locals said a lot of rapes & murders happen here.

Today #fridaymorning saw the #TeamGHMC rajendra nagar cleaning the whole area which was fully dumped by trash, by 👽 👽👽.
This is extremely heartening news to get this morning. We now have some hope of something good happening to this imp historical bldg & it’s surroundings. I hope the bldg will be repaired, renovated & reused in a fitting manner.
A big thanks to Arvind Kumar Sir 💐

An article was recently published in a reputed news paper about the same:

We hope the authorities will speed up the restoration programme and turn this area into a tourist monument and a nice park.

Content source: # Swachhhyd